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Ios 7 beta 3 bug and ios 7 expections

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First off what I want to say is iOS 7 is getting way better with their improvements and bug fixes especially from beta-2 to beta three but what I have noticed is a main bug that has bothered me and it has to do with is texting. So when you're using the voice command microphone for texting sometimes it makes what you said to one line of the paragraph to a condensed form line of scrambled words. Also the text glitches out and goes on to other text (you will see what i mean when you look at the picture. But i know That there are a lot of bugs on data three but this is just the one I would like to be improved because i use voice command a lot when I can't use my hands. And this is usually just me texting people that do not have iPhones it usually works well when I text people with them. Also I've heard a lot of Apple users that want to switch to android just because iOS 7 isn't going to their expectations; well its not like ios 7 is going to make you phone do a backflip its just adding alot of cool gadgets and easy acseble options (control panel) but why not just jailbreak? I love jailbreaking i can make the phone the way i like it and it wont go slow of you dont add alot of dumb trash. And i love the look of the iphone and not a huge screen of a over Proportion phone but thats just my opionion. But im new to bloggin and let me know if this helped or if it was to boring etc also my phone kept crashing so i had to type this like 5 times! Lol and also i have a iphone 5


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